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Anonymous said: how do you edit your photos? it's truly amazing! i'd like to try some "imaginative photography" as well but i don't know how to go about it, i'm not really good at editing photos and such, any tips? :c

Hi! Thanks for the question. I edit my photos with photoshop cs2, I’m not very good too, I often make mistakes while editing and I notice them after having published the photos! Anyway if you want some tips I can tell you to keep trying and edit as many photos as possible, even though the first ones won’t be really good ! And if you want, you can take a look at some tutorials on YouTube, there are loads and some of them are good . If you need more help ask me :)

coinsy said: Hey, I can't say I've ever looked at photography that much. Every "photographer" I've come across on various platforms of social media have not been exactly inspiring in any way. You are different though, your shots are amazing! You have a real talent! I hope you get your inspiration back soon! I've now followed you nd definitely look forward to your new work!

Thank you so much! And yes I hope I’ll take some photos as soon as possible , but now I’ m really busy, it’s frustrating

ericatoodope said: nice photography blog. :]


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babalou71 said: I love your work, your blog and your imagination. Beautiful.

~ Thanks! ~

willune said: Hi ! I've just look through your pictures and your work is fantastic, could you please tell me what software you use for your edits and a few advices for some pretty pictures?

Thanks! I use photoshop. Just try to make the light as good as possible and keep on shooting everytime you can